Why Us?

Future Ready Skills

Our early years programs ‘Seedling’ and ‘Sapling’, develop important future skills of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication to prepare kids for their next stage of education and an extremely different future.

Personalized Learning

Every child is unique and hence, the curriculum, trained teachers, ideal student-teacher ratio and technology are the crux of the personalized learning, we provide to each student.

Teacher's Role

Teachers here, play many roles. They are designers, collaborators, mentors and innovators. They are the catalysts of the entire system, and instrumental in providing the scaffolding to support the child’s pursuit of knowledge. Apart from planning, coordinating and collaborating, they constantly need to keep learning themselves, so as to be better at their work each day.

Parent's Role

As responsible members of the community we expect that families will work closely with the school, to plan the student’s individualised learning paths. Parents and school both will have to co-align their vision of the progress, supporting the child step by step to navigate multiple pathways of development.

Technology Integration

Your child’s learning process is technologically enabled at every step. An exceptional Ed-tech platform imported from Finland, supports the observation, assessment and communication with parents at every step.

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